Box Catering

Netopia had the privilege of working with Box Catering, Sydney’s premier gourmet food caterer. Box Catering, known for its exceptional catering services for weddings, corporate events, and high-profile clients like Optus and TripAdvisor, engaged Netopia to design and develop a new Ecommerce platform.

The collaboration between Netopia and Box Catering resulted in the creation of a custom catering Ecommerce platform using WooCommerce. This platform allowed customers to effortlessly browse and order from Box Catering’s extensive food menu for their events or functions. The orders were then delivered fresh and conveniently in temperature-controlled boxes to maintain optimal quality.

Netopia’s expertise in web design and development ensured a seamless and user-friendly ordering experience. The implementation of the WooCommerce app provided the Box Catering team with real-time order notifications, enabling them to efficiently process orders and monitor website statistics and revenue from their smartphones.

Through this partnership, Box Catering expanded its reach, improved customer convenience, and solidified its position as Sydney’s premier gourmet food caterer. Netopia’s contributions in designing and developing the new Ecommerce platform enabled Box Catering to elevate their services and continue their track record of excellence in the catering industry.

Project: Box Catering